Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It's the Manbearpig!

He's seriously sweet, and one of the best feelings is watching him gobble up something healthy I made for him. After dinner tonight, he wanted some Nori (dried, seasoned seaweed) for a snack. I came back, and he was trying to make the big sheet into a mustache, so I helped him out a tad.

Nori is one of those amazing foods that takes a little getting used to. Growing up with a Japanese grandmother, I've loved the green sheets forever. Usually, I'll just have a bowl of rice and a few of these and I'm good. It has a spinach-like taste with a bit of salt and soy sauce. The texture can range from the brittle dry sheets to the rubbery fresh stuff when it's moist. Mostly, it's used almost like a seasoning. Shredded over soba noodles and in Tamagoyaki, or eaten on its own as a treat. Some people don't like seaweed, but stick with it and you'll find it's the perfect complement to everyday eggs and grains. Nori is particularly amazing when you wrap it around Onigiri, rice balls. Tomorrow's bento is going to be an assortment of rice balls, so I'll post that later. Just thought the Manbearpig was worth a giggle.


  1. Awwwww PopPop and Mema Love us some Manbearpig! I have learned over the years that the Nori can be harsh on the tummy. You can ask for soy bean wrap, or a sort of rice paper on your sushi too!

    1. Thankees. :3 Those are great alternatives. I'm just in love with the regular stuff. Also, the soy paper comes in different colors.